Update on LearnIT2teach Training and Mentoring

In the early days of the project, nearly all face-to-face training events required our small team of trainers to travel, sometimes long distances, to deliver training events. The project now has a trainer network encompassing seven provinces and comprising 14 trainers, allowing us to minimize travel and maximize our training resources. These trainers not only provide face to face introductions: they also provide online mentoring through the additional stages of training. Get to know the LearnIT2teach team by visiting: https://learnit2teach.ca/wpnew/about-2/our-team/

These are the events we’ve hosted since April 1, 2016:

  • Stage One: Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina; 30-Apr-2016
  • Stage One: TESL Saskatchewan; Johnson Collegiate, Regina, 30-Apr-2016
  • LINC Leadership: TESL Sask.; Johnson Collegiate, Regina, 30-Apr-2016
  • Stage One: YMCA of Greater Saint John, NB, 20-May-2016
  • Stage One Training: Woodgreen Community Services, Toronto; 10-Jun-2016
  • Stage One Event: Saskatoon Intercultural Association 17-Jun-2016, Saskatoon.

Teachers learning computer skillsYou can expect specific additional events to be announced through the fall, but we plan to hold our first Stage 1 in Newfoundland and Labrador, and at least one event in PEI, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba, Alberta (Calgary), Alberta (Edmonton) and BC. Most of these will be the Stage 1 introduction to the Edulinc courseware from the learner’s perspective, but a leadership session is scheduled at the Continuing Education School Board Administrators (CESBA) Conference in Toronto in early December. Additional Ontario events are planned in Mississauga and Windsor-Chatham but the project is looking for Stage 1 opportunities to get service providers started with blended learning.

LearnIT2teach Manager of Distributed Learning Jim Edgar has observed attitude changes since the beginning of the project. Blended language learning is now better understood by teachers, even before they enter the training: “In the beginning, people were very curious and exploratory but somewhat skeptical about innovation. Most didn’t understand blended learning and some worried about how sustainable technology innovation was. Today, teachers seem to understand learning technology innovation is here to stay before they even arrive at a Stage 1. Technology-enhanced language learning seems to be better understood, and most people realize that information technology needs to be threaded through LINC classes much like it is through modern life.”

To request a training event or register for online training, please contact Mavis Spencer by email: admin@learnit2teach.ca