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LINC 1 Courseware Now Available

The LearnIT2teach development team recently completed work on LINC 1 learner courseware. Please be in touch with your mentor for access. Here’s some of the features users will benefit from: multimedia glossary (images and audio); many reading activities provide audio support and a larger font than LINC 2 and up; activities are generally more visual …

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LINC 1 Activities Now Available!

The new LINC 1 Classroom Activities are now available on our web site. To view the new activities visit http://learnit2teach.ca/linc1/ Let us know if you use them in your classroom with your students. Be sure you share the link with your fellow teachers.

LINC 2 Activities for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is to be observed on the 2nd Monday in October.  This week would be a great opportunity to use the four activities available to get your students into the festival spirit.  These can be accessed within the LINC 2 courseware, the Guest Access LINC 2 course or downloaded from the Tutela.ca learning object repository. …

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New Web 2.0 Learning Tool Links

Automotivator: Create motivational posters British Council: Grammar videos bubbl.us: Record brainstorming sessions Keybr: Practice typing online ShowMe: More grammar videos Vocaroo: An online audio recorder Warning Sign Generator: Quickly create warning signs Wordnik:  Discover more about vocabulary terms Consider integrating these into your computer room time as ice breakers or as tools to enhance your …

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