The Unexpected Next – emerging language learning technologies

Jim Edgar continues his conversation with Ken Beatty, a CALL professor at Anaheim University. Jim asks Professor Beatty to summarize an inspiring conference presentation he had given at TESL Canada. The topic was ‘The Unexpected Next’. In his summary, Professor Beatty lists six emerging language technologies. and their application to language teaching and learning. These are really six key techniques for making the most creative and effective use of learning technologies. This is not at all just for techies. It’s practical advice for the blended learning instructor.

Survey your students with a Questionnaire

Consider adding a pre-made student questionnaire, so that your learners provide feedback on their edlinc course.  This will help the LearnIT2teach team to possibly enhance the LINC courseware to make the blended learning experience more effective and user friendly.  There are two questionnaires available for you to install on your course. The students can take this questionnaire on your course.  Please notify our team and we will return the results for your consideration as well.

  • Public: class results from all edlinc classes at the same LINC level are pooled.
  • Private: results are stored for the class only.

Webinar: Integrating & Managing Blended Learning: An Introduction for Language Training Administrators

Integrating & Managing Blended Learning: An Introduction for Language Training Administrators

Date/Time: 13:00 EST to 14:00 EST
Location: Live Conferencing Room

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This is an interactive webinar. If you haven’t already received a manual, please download the manual from tutela at this link: Listen to the podcast attached at the bottom of this page.

How does a language program manager make the most effective and innovative use of learning technology in a CIC program?

Answer this important question by joining us on Friday, March 8 at 1 p.m. ET for a LearnIT2teach webinar: Integrating & Managing Blended Learning: An Introduction for Language Training Administrators

Since January 2010, we have been offering CIC-funded programs free LINC courseware. We have also been training teachers across Ontario how to use it. Now it is the turn of administrators to benefit from this CIC-sponsored program. Ontario SPO administrators should have recently received a copy of The LearnIT2teach Administrator’s Manual. This document details what managers need to know to combine computer-based training with classroom instruction in language training programs.

In preparation for the webinar, we are conducting a survey among administrators to determine what role teacher technology skills plays in teacher hiring decisions. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey.   We will be sharing the survey results with you on the 8th.

Getting Started with the LINC Courseware released today @ Ottawa LINC PD day

LIT2TbrochurePlease stop by and bring your questions or pick up a “Getting Started with the LINC Courseware” today at our exhibitor table at the Ottawa LINC PD Day in the Confederation Education Centre on Woodroffe Ave.


This document will be available in our Support>Teacher Help  Section in PDF format on Monday.

Starting a course with LINC courseware?

With so many LINC instructors embarking on using LINC courseware recently, it seems like a good time to remind everyone that there are support features throughout this portal. teaching with the LINC coursewareIn our  support links there are:

Teachers as models of innovation – original PodCast

In this podcast, Vance describes the importance of teachers modelling technological innovation to other teachers. Vance also gives some technology tips. Vance also underlines the need for teachers to be playful and exploratory with new technology.vancewordle


Creating a community of practice – original PodCast.

Vantheman2012Vance speaks to the importance of community of practice when teachers want to innovate and apply new learning technologies. As the father of Webheads and Webheads in Action, Vance has demonstrated that his approach to online community building works.

Click here to listen

The February ESL LINC digital news is here!

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WebHeads encourage collaboration and sharing -Original PodCast.

webhead+podcastVance Stevens,a pioneer in computer-assisted language learning since the 70’s, and Rob McBride, LearnIT2teach Project, in conversation in March 2012 at TESOL Philadelphia. Vance has taught TESL extensively at the university level in the USA and the Middle East. Thousands of TESL professionals know him as the originator and the animator of Webheads, a community of practice for instructors wanting to integrate technology into their teaching.

This is the first of three podcasts with Vance. In Installment #1, Vance speaks to the origins of Webheads and how it operates to encourage collaboration and sharing among TESL practitioners.

January Digital News is out! Click on the tablet to read.