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Hot off the digital press: Oct 15 issue of LearnIT2teach news!
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Mobile Learning with new App

Mobile App“Enhancements and improvements have been made to edulinc.ca, the open access Moodle 2.0 test site for the project. Our courseware is currently available in Moodle 1.9 but we are working to roll out the newest version of Moodle in the next 12 months. In the meantime, edulinc users can self register and enrol in any of the courses and take them for a test drive.


LINC 2 e-Activities Update

Online activities based on chapter 3 in the LINC 2 Classroom Activities book (2009) are now available at  http://learnit2teach.ca/linc2/.

The following themes are now available for learners:

  1. At Home in Our Community and the World
  2. Banking, Customer Service and Telephones
  3. Canada

Edulinc.ca: Open access to LINC courseware

A test site offering open access to the LearnIT2teach LINC courseware is now available at edulinc.ca. This site has been created to provide more open access to the courseware and as a testing ground for the latest version of the LearnIT2teach learning management system, Moodle 2.0.

After creating an account using the self-registration functionality, users of edulinc.ca may enroll themselves in any of the LINC  courseware courses. Once enrolled they will have full access to the LINC courseware.

Please note that the edulinc.ca courseware is not facilitated by instructors – and courses will be reset periodically. Ontario LINC instructors interested in facilitating their own classes will continue to use the LINC courseware on edlinc.ca.

LearnIT2Teach Funding Extended to 2013

LearnIT2Teach Funding Extended to 2013

The Ontario Region of Citizenship and Immigration has extended funding for the LearnIT2teach project for two more years. New Media Language Training Inc. and CIC signed a new contract in April that enables us to continue delivering professional development and courseware for instructors and learners.

Our objective remains the same: to create, distribute and implement e-learning tools and the know-how to put them to work to enhance adult language and settlement language programs for adult immigrants across Ontario. The LearnIT2teach team will be delivering at least 20 face-to-face training events in this fiscal year and an additional 20 in 2012 – 13. As well, we will be developing and delivering a Stage Five of the training for service provider administrators.

There will be two important enhancements to the technology tools as well:

* LINC 2 learning objects will be developed during the current fiscal year

* Speaking activities will be developed, making our Moodle courseware a four-skill learning environment for learners.

Evaluation remains an essential part of what the team does as we aim to continuously improve on what we deliver to Ontario’s language training and settlement community.

Ottawa Citizen article by Rob McBride

Ottawa Citizen article links successful adaptation to Canada with digital literacy. Why digital literacy matters to newcomers…

Ottawa Citizen article by Jim Edgar

“Ottawa Citizen article by Jim Edgar provides tips on building digital literacy. Improving Literacy with technology…

Repository of Online Language Learning Resources (ROLLR) has been launched

The Repository of Online Language Learning Resources (ROLLR), Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s innovative sharing solution for language instructors teaching newcomers in Ontario. Explore, enjoy and have fun discovering these resources and how YOU can be a part of this vibrant and expanding online community.

TESL Ontario Conference October 28-30 a great success.

TESL Ontario Conference October 28-30: Over one hundred LINC professionals from across Ontario participated in three Stage One training events at the conference. We would like to acknowledge the great work of the TESL Conference Technology Fair team (Sharon Rajabi and our own Kevin O’Brien) in overseeing the setup of a large computer lab that functioned without a glitch.
In addition, Jim Edgar introduced the new LINC learning object repository, ROLLR.ca, during two separate presentations. The repository is still in its infancy, but we are hoping that many LINC professionals will come forward with pedagogical material to donate to the wider LINC community via ROLLR..

Language Training Working Group– on October 25.

Rob McBride and Jim Edgar made a presentation about the initiatives of the LearnIT2teach project to the Language Training Working Group in Toronto.