New Administrators Manual!

Language Learning Leadership Guide

The project is pleased to offer managers and lead teachers in the IRCC-funded language training sector a new version of our leadership guide.  Where previous versions (2012 and 2014) were print and PDF based, the Moodle 3 edition is an online resource on the project portal.



The new guide has some familiar topics but they’ve all been updated and refreshed:

  • Technology-enhanced language learning (TELL);
  • The function of a learning management system and why we use Moodle;
  • The learner courseware;
  • The professional development stages offered free of charge to the LINC sector;
  • The LearnIT2teach’s online resources such as Live Help that support practitioners.

The new leadership guide also examines some fresh and very relevant topics:

  • Mobile-assisted language learning (MALL);
  • Theory and evidence to show that local leadership and communication are at the heart of the learning technology innovation process;

How information technology can connect with newcomers with knowledge, skills and community to support their successful adaptation to Canada.