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Web 2.0 Learning Tools

On this page you can locate free and useful activities on the Internet.  You can integrate them into your lessons as you wish.

AutoMotivator This is a very easy way to have students create a title and an accompanying  quote or quip .  Technically it is very simple to create.  This can be used as a reward or introduction activity in a computer room.



Bubbl us is an online graphical organizer for brainstorming, organizing, preparing for writing, and categorizing.  It is really simple to use and gives small groups independence when brainstorming and organizing.


ShowMe is a great place to take lessons from a variety of teachers across the globe.  A combination of electronic whiteboard and audio make these lessons a great tool for independent or classroom study.  The more adventurous might want to record and share  lessons on this site. The grammar section can be found by clicking on the logo to the left.



Warning Sign Generator is a quick tool that can help teachers make safety signs for their LINC lessons.




Vocaroo is a pronunciation practice tool Instructors can use this to communicate with their student, listen to student pronunciation or for a myriad of oral tasks.



  Wordnik helps students discover meaning of words through a friendly yet comprehensive layout.


The British Council’s Johnny Grammar 40 + grammar videos is hosted on YouTube, in the BritishCouncilLE’s channel,  these lesons will add another dimension when introducing / reviewing grammar.


Practice typing skills at  The best feature of this resource is that teachers or students can upload their own paragraphs or sentences for practice drills.



The Open Clipart Library is community that creates, shares and remixes clipart. All clipart is released to the public domain and may be used in any project for free and with no restrictions.