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LINC Learning Objects

LINC 1 Learning Objects
LINC 2 Learning Objects
LINC 3 Learning Objects
LINC 4 Learning Objects
LINC 5 – 7 Learning Objects

These online language learning activities are based on a series of classroom resource books and audio CDs that were funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (Ontario Region) and developed by Algonquin College.

They are designed to assist newcomers learn English in the context of Canadian culture at the indicated Canadian Language Benchmark ranges.

These e-resources are appropriate for use by students working independently outside of a LINC class or inside a computer lab facilitated by a classroom instructor. In fact, the e-resources are ideal for use in a computer lab; each learning object has a lead-in page to introduce the background language and any requisite knowledge.

While some of these e-activities are very similar to the paper-based activities, many are different. Instructors should check before using both the print- and e-activities.

The e-activities have been tested with the following specifications:

broadband Internet access
Windows XP or later; or Mac OS X (v. 10.5)
Browsers: Windows: Firefox 3.5.5/ Macintosh: Safari 4.0.3
Screen resolution: 1024 X 768 (or higher)
QuickTime Player plug-in (version 7 or higher)
Adobe Flash Player
PLEASE NOTE: The Learning Objects are currently not Chrome compatible.