LINC 1 Courseware Now Available

The LearnIT2teach development team recently completed work on LINC 1 learner courseware. Please be in touch with your mentor for access. Here’s some of the features users will benefit from:
  • multimedia glossary (images and audio);
  • many reading activities provide audio support and a larger font than LINC 2 and up;
  • activities are generally more visual than other levels, also more audio support;
  • SCORM activities use a simplified navigation set (they take students directly to first exercise and skip the intro page);
  • courseware includes level-appropriate NanoGong speaking activities and class polls.
Jim Edgar, LearnIT2teach Manager of Distributed Learning and the lead developer had this to say: “LINC 1 teachers have been asking for this for a long time and we are happy to make it available. Now basic learners can get started earlier with blended learning, and get the benefits of combining face-to-face and technology-enhanced instruction that other levels have enjoyed since 2010.”