LearnIT2teach Upgrades Edulinc Courses to Latest Moodle Version

newmoodleLike any successful information technology product, Moodle is constantly working to improve. We are happy to announce the project has now migrated all edulinc.org courses to this latest version of our learning management system of choice.

LearnIT2teach has produced two videos to help you and your learners navigate and take advantage of the major and minor improvements to the LearnIT2teach Moodle: ‪

Among the major and minor changes described in the videos are:

  • The ‘Home’ link has been replaced by ‘Dashboard’, providing a drop down menu to edit your settings and preferences.
  • Editing course pages is now easier.
  • A recycle bin provides 7-day insurance if you have accidentally deleted content and want to recover it.
  • Easier addition of text, pictures and other media, including the ability to drag and drop images into the text editor.
  • New PBLA based activities and resources.