Introducing Literacy Learners to Online Learning!

There’s no doubt working online with low level learners is challenging. For guidance and tips from an Edulinc veteran, be sure to attend this Tutela webinar by Catherine Porter.

Online with Low Level Learners
July 26, 1:00 pm EDT
Presenters: Catherine Porter

Introducing low level learners to computer-based learning is a challenge. Literacy and low level learners can benefit from learning online but often have no exposure to computers. The objective of the webinar is to illustrate how computer literacy and activities can be successfully integrated into teaching plans. The presentation will present learners’ navigation aids that have been implemented in a Literacy/CLB 1 classroom. Participants will view select websites and worksheets.

Catherine Porter has been working with low level ESL students in the TDSB LINC programme for 18 years. Catherine “married” software and classroom instruction in her Level 1 teaching plan for years prior to introducing her Literacy/CLB 1 learners to in May 2014.