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Avenue Stage 3 Support

01 Course Management

01 Using Reports
02 Viewing Details about Course Participants
03 Setting up and Using Completion Tracking
04 Setting up and Using Course Badges
05 Managing Badges and Awarding Badges Manually
06 Setting up and Using Restrict Access Settings
07 Organizing Learners Using Groups
08 Unenrolling and Enrolling Learners from a Course.

02 Enhancing Course Interactivity and Content with Blocks

01 Overview of Blocks
02 Random Glossary Entry Block
03 Comments Block
04 Remote RSS Feeds block
05 HTML block
06 Adding a Level Up! Block
06-1 Adding a LevelUp! block rules
06-2 Adding a LevelUp! block visuals
07-Activity Results Block

03 Blending Learning by Adding Resources

01 File module – Linking to a File
02 Folder module – Sharing a Directory of Course Files
03 URL module – Inserting a Link to a Web Resource
04 Page module – Composing a Web Page
05 Label module – Creating a Label (with Audio or a YouTube video)

04a Digital Learning Development – Activity Guide 1

00 Tagging an Activity for the ePortfolio
01 Adding a Blog Task
02 Adding a Choice Activity
03 Adding a Forum Activity
04 Using a Rubric with a Forum
05 Adding a Glossary Activity
06 Adding a Questionnaire Activity
07 Adding a Voice Poodl Recorder Assignment
08 Adding a Wiki Activity

04b Digital Learning Development – Activity Guide 2

00 Tagging an Activity for the ePortfolio
01 Adding a Chat
02-0 Adding a Game
02-1 Adding a Snowman Game
02-2 Adding a Crossword Game
02-3 Adding a Cryptex Game
02-4 Adding a Millionaire Game
03 Adding a HotPotatoes
04 Database
04-0 Adding a Database
04-1 Adding a database to the course page
04-2 Adding database fields
04-3 Editing database templates
05-0 Adding an H5P Activity
05-1 Adding an H5P True or
False Activity
05-2 Adding an H5P Multiple Choice
05-3 Adding an H5P Fill In The Blanks

05-4 Adding an H5P Mark The Word
05-5 Adding an H5P Drag Text
05-6 Adding an H5P FlashCards Activity
05-7 Adding an H5P Question Set Activity
06 BigBlueButton
06-0 Adding a BBB Avenue
06-1 BBB Session
06-2 BBB Session Tips
07 RealTime Quiz
07-0 Adding a RealTime Quiz
07-1 Administrating a RealTime Quiz
07-2 Adding a Poodll Read Aloud

04c Digital Learning Development Activity Guide 3

00 Tagging an Activity for the ePortfolio

01-0 Adding an Assignment
01-1 Adding Audio to an Assignment
01-2 Adding Video to an Assignment
01-3 Assignment Rubrics
01- 4 Assignment Rubrics Scratch
01-5 Editing Rubrics_Assignments
01-6 Marking Assignments
01-7 Marking Assignment using Rubrics

02-0 Adding a Quiz
02-1 Adding a new question bank category
02-2 Adding a new question to a question bank category
02-3 Adding a Quiz to the course page
02-4 Configure the Quiz activity
02-5 Adding a questions to a quiz
02-6 Adding Word Select Questions
02-7 Adding a Description Question
02-8 Adding a Gapfill Question
02-9 Adding a Poodll Recording Question
02-10 Adding a Recording Audio Question
02-11 Adding a Select Missing Word Question
02-12 Adding an Ordering Question
02-13 Giving Action Oriented Feedback
02-14 Grading Multiple Quiz Essay Questions Manually
02-15 Creating Forms Using the Quiz Activity Essay Question

03 Workshop
03-1 The workshop Activity Introduction
03-2 Adding a Workshop Activity
03-3 The Workshop Activity Grading Strategies

05 Utilizing Interactive Learning Objects at (H5P and SCORM)

01 Introducing SCORM H5P
02 Advanced Search for SCORM objects
03 Advanced Search for H5P objects
04 Previewing_SCORM_H5P_objects
05 Downloading SCORM H5P objects
06 Feedback SCORM H5P objects
07 Adding SCORM to the courseware
08 Adding H5P to the courseware
Addendum – Increasing the Maximum File Upload Size