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Using the Avenue Coursebuilder **New September 2023

Browsing Avenue’s eUnit Catalogue –
Browsing the Avenue eUnit Catalogue
Using the Avenue Coursebuilder to Request a Course –
Using the Avenue Coursebuilder to Request a Course
Using the Avenue Coursebuilder to Add an eUnit to a Course  –
Using the Avenue Coursebuilder to Add an eUnit to a Course

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Using Live Help
Using Live Help

Big Blue Button 2.7
What’s New in Big Blue Button 2.7

Teacher Administration
Setting Up Student Self Enrollment with an Enrollment Key
Customizing the teachers Gradebook view
Displaying User Reports for Individual Students
How to Delete a Quiz Attempt
Using the Scheduler
Set up a Mock Student Account
Adding an Override to a Quiz Activity
Safe Exam Browser

Account Administration/Support
Forgot Password Avenue Help
Changing a Participants Role In a Course
Setting up a Course Observer
Suspend or Unenroll Learners
Enrolling a Non-editing Teacher into a course
Collecting Students Browser Information-Teacher
Collecting Browser Information-Student
Enrolling an Instructor (non-editing) into a Course
Facilitating at as a Non-editing Instructor
Adding a Non-editing Instructor as a Moderator to Big Blue Button

Class Register
Editing Student Accounts on Avenue
Viewing the Class Register on Avenue
Viewing the Learner Progress Summary on Avenue

ePortfolio files
1-Tagging Activities for Avenue ePortfolio autocollection
2-How to View a Learner’s ePortfolio Contents at Avenue
3-How to Upload to a Learner’s ePortfolio at Avenue
4-How to Preview Artifacts in the Avenue ePortfolio
5-How to Download from an Avenue ePortfolio
6-Filtering and Sorting Artifacts in the ePortfolio
7. How to Change Language Companions in the Avenue ePortfolio
8. How to Delete Artifacts in an Avenue ePortfolio
9. Language Companion Viewing Tips in the Avenue ePortfolio
10. How to Edit Artifacts in an Avenue ePortfolio
11-Uploading an Annotated Assignment to the Binder
12. Tagging for auto-collection after a Quiz or Assignment is complete and graded

Course Administration/Editing
Removing Access Restrictions on a Multilevel Course Topic or Activity
Changing the Maximum file upload size in a Course
Adding a new topic to the top of a course
Adding a Course Image on Your Dashboard
Using the Recycle Bin to Recover Deleted Content
Weather block-Creating an Embed Code for a Canadian Region
Embedding a Video in a Course 
Linking Hidden Resources and Activities in a Block
Customizing the Font in Your Course
Completion Progress Block
Setting up groups and group restrictions in Avenue
Setting up Individualized Learning

Course Accessibility Block
Accessibility Checker
Screenreader helper
ImmersiveReader Office 2019
ImmersiveReader Office365

Avenue Desk
Avenue Desk

Moving Activities between Courses
The Sharing Cart
Using Backup and Restore to Copy and Move an Activity from One Course to Another
Importing Activities from Another Course Within Avenue
How to Copy and Move an H5P from One Course to Another
Using Backup and Restore to Copy and Move an Activity from One Course to Another

01 Setting up a Manual Checklist
02 Setting up Automatic Checklist Items
03 Setting up a Checklist block

Read Aloud
Adding a Poodll Read Aloud
Teacher view of a Poodll Read Aloud
Student view of the Poodll Read Aloud

Adding a Wordcard Activity

Creating a Survey with the Feedback Activity

Importing Entries into a Course Glossary from the Repository

Sharing and Editing H5Ps 
Remove an H5P from the Content Bank
Adding an H5P Activity with the Text Editor
Updating an H5P Activity Using the H5P Repository
Uploading an H5P to Tutela
Converting Interactive Content to H5P
Fixing H5P Error Messages
H5P Dictation Tool
H5P Documentation Tool
H5P Sort Paragraph tool
H5P Interactive Book in Avenue
Reusing an H5P Learning Object 
Fixing an H5P Link in a PBLA eUnit

Avenue Reporting for Service Provider Administrators
Profile Page Reports
Accessing Avenue Courses IRCC
Course and ePortfolio Access Instructions for SPO Managers

Creating a Course Template
Create and use Course Templates
Adding Course Content to a Course Template
Adding a Courseware help block
Add a PBLA module to a course
Adding the Beginner Help block to a Course

Book Module
Adding a Book Module to a Course
Using Books to Organize your course
Auto Linking Filter
Linking hidden Resources and Activities in a Block

Journal Module
Using the Journal Activity
Completing a Journal Activity