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New Part 1 Learning Technology Leadership Group Begins Course Monday, January 6, 2020

Six-week course is online and mentored If you are a professional in an IRCC program looking to lead innovation in a LINC or ELT program, we have two-part Moodle-based online training to offer. Each part has six weekly units and the time demand is 1.5 – 2 hours per unit. The course content includes readings, …

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What Are the Effects of LINC Blended Learning?

What are the effects of LINC Blended Learning on learners, teachers and programs? Are there benefits or drawbacks? In September 2017 LearnIT2teach evaluators Jill Cummings, Matthias Sturm and Augusta Avram set out to gather evidence from field research at the LINC program in the Lower Mainland of B.C. Three teachers, 45 learners, the program manager …

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Edulinc Teacher Showcase

Are you using Edulinc to teach a blended LINC class? Do you use Edulinc to support PBLA? Would you like to show other LINC instructors how Edulinc helps your teaching? Are you interested in sharing you enthusiasm for Edulinc at either the 2019 ATESL or TESL Ontario annual conferences? Would you like financial support to …

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TESL Ontario Webinar: Learning Tech Innovation in the Adult Settlement Language Training Sector

When: Thursday, May 30, 2019 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm Presenter: Rob McBride Where: TESL Ontario Group on Tutela Webinar Description: Online learning technology represents an opportunity and a challenge for adult ESL and LINC professionals. Learners want the language gains and flexibility that blended or online learning provides, and they need orientation to …

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The Selected Annotated Bibliography

Adult Settlement Blended & Online Language Training: What are the pros and cons of blended or online learning? Are there practical ways to introduce technology to the classroom? What impact can Web 2.0 have on program flexibility and learner outcomes? TESL professionals looking for research on blended and online language instruction in settlement programs have …

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The LearnIT2teach Project would be pleased to offer a Letter of Support for IRCC CFP 2019 proposals by a LINC provider which has demonstrated local adoption of eduLINC blended learning. Please contact with your request.

An IRCC Contract Amendment for LearnIT2teach

The LearnIT2teach Project has an expanded mandate to support e-learning in the IRCC-funded sector. New Language Solutions is pleased to announce an amendment signed in January to our agreement with IRCC. This agreement enables the LearnIT2teach Project to move ahead with the development of an augmented Moodle learning management system solution for teachers and learners. Enhancements …

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New Project Evaluation Report Analyzes LINC Blended Learning Impact on Programs

Based on research and evaluation since project inception in 2010, this report summarizes results from two surveys of the implementation of learning technologies in LINC programs in Ontario and across Canada. There are plentiful examples across Canada of successful uptake by individual teachers and in some cases, entire programs. Surveys completed by training participants indicate …

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New Administrators Manual!

Language Learning Leadership Guide The project is pleased to offer managers and lead teachers in the IRCC-funded language training sector a new version of our leadership guide.  Where previous versions (2012 and 2014) were print and PDF based, the Moodle 3 edition is an online resource on the project portal.     The new guide …

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New Report available!

New Report available.  — Learning Technology Innovation Leadership: Course Evaluation & Lessons for the Settlement Training Sector. Check our Publications page here to view and download the report.