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Update on LearnIT2teach Training and Mentoring

In the early days of the project, nearly all face-to-face training events required our small team of trainers to travel, sometimes long distances, to deliver training events. The project now has a trainer network encompassing seven provinces and comprising 14 trainers, allowing us to minimize travel and maximize our training resources. These trainers not only provide face …

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LearnIT2teach launches Blended Settlement Language Training Online Searchable Database

What are the pros and cons of blended learning? Are there practical ways to introduce technology to the classroom? What potential do teachers see  in technology tools and why is this important? TESL professionals looking for research on blended language instruction in settlement programs have a convenient new place to start; The LearnIT2teach Project has just …

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Learning Technology Innovation Leadership courses

Learning Technology Innovation Leadership courses are now available to you from the LearnIT2teach Project If you are a professional in an IRCC program looking to lead innovation in a LINC or ELT program, we have two-part Moodle-based online training to offer. Each part has six weekly units and the time demand is 1.5 – 2 …

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ESL LINC Digital News — Latest Newsletter Aug. 2015

Check out the latest edition of the LearnIt2Teach newsletter. Information and links to blended learning and e-learning and Web news. Some links to some great Blogs.New jobs are listed and there are new links in the e-Resource Corner. Check it out here.

LearnIT2Teach New Brochure

Looking for a thorough description of the LearnIT2teach Project, the Edulinc learner courseware and the teacher training? Our brochure has been updated with new details about our services to the settlement language training sector. The brochure is available as a Pdf for download.

JOB POSTING — LearnIT2Teach Mentor


LearnIT2Teach Mentor LISTN is hiring a mentor for the LearnIT2Teach training program that will begin in August 2015 with a current completion date of March 31, 2016. Project Overview: The LearnIT2teach project provides BC LINC teachers with the technology tools to implement blended learning in their programs, as well as a free four stage teacher …

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Training Event Fredericton New Brunswick

We would like to welcome all the participants in New Brunswick to our training event. On Wednesday June 23, 2015 two of the LearnIT2Teach trainers will be conducting a Stage 1 training event in Fredericton New Brunswick. The event will be held at the Multicultural Association of Fredericton.

Important 2014 Dates for Ontario-based LINC instructors Using Edlinc.ca

[important] June to August: A courseware migration service is available for Ontario LINC instructors moving their course(s) from edlinc.ca to edulinc.org. Please complete thisform to request this service. June to December: The Courseware Basics for Moodle 2 course is available to Ontario-based LINC instructors who began the LearnIT2teach training BEFORE January 2014. Contact your mentor …

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Stage 3 Qualifies for TESL Ontario PTCT Accreditation

Ontario LINC teachers have an additional incentive to complete Stage 3 of the LearnIT2teach training: graduates are now eligible for Post-TESL Certificate Training (PTCT) accreditation from TESL Ontario. Since 2012, TESL Ontario has been accrediting professional development or training that meets the standards set out in the PTCT framework. Stage 4 of the LearnIT2teach training …

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Book a “FREE” Stage 1 Training Session for your Instructors!

Take advantage of the free training available to LINC teachers in Ontario. Contact admin@learnIT2teach.ca to book a training session. Our system offers free courseware to use with your students in a blended learning environment. The courses and the materials complement the LINC 2 – 4 Classroom Activities books and the LINC 5 – 7 Classroom Activities …

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