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Authoring Online Activities with Hot Potatoes Workshop

Hot Potatoes allows instructors, teachers and developers to create digital quizzes.  The Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling educators to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Since Hot Potatoes is freeware, it can be used for any purpose or project. Our team is running a …

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Make Speaking Activities with NanoGong at TESL Ontario

At TESL Ontario, Jim Edgar and Susan Susan Middlesworth will be leading a session dedicated to generating computer blended speaking activities for LINC classes.  As synchronous and asynchronous speaking practice has now been integrated into the CIC-funded LINC 2-4 courseware. This hands-on training is for instructors who would like to start using these activities. All of …

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Over the next four weeks we are offering live support in….

There are still openings for our workshops at TESL Ontario

TESL Ontario is in November, but registration opened recently.  We hope that you have the time to register so that you can participate in one of our eleven sessions in Toronto. Use the provided scheduler in the conference brochure.  See details at this post. As well our whole team will be at our table in …

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Sample LINC courseware with Guest access

If you want to take a sneak peek of the LINC courseware without registering, .   Click here or on the picture Click on a course name Click on the Login as a guest Access button Now, try out some of the learning opportunities inside. Remember that these are not the actual courses but a …

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Need quick help? Try our FAQ page.

Other LINC/ESL instructors have asked us questions about their LINC courseware  development and the project itself.  We have posted the most common questions on our FAQ (frequently asked questions) page. Give it a try, it is under the SUPPORT link above.

NanoGong is now available for LearnIT2teach.ca courses!

What is NanoGong? NanoGong is an applet that a course participant can use to record, playback and save their voice. When the recording is played back the user can speed up or slow down the sound without changing it. How can I try it? 1. NanoGong is available in all discussion forums at LearnIt2teach.ca/moodle. It …

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Make us a part of your P.L.N.

A Personal Learning Network or PLN is an informal learning network.  The learner uses this to derive knowledge from other people and resources on the network. In a PLN, a person makes a connection with another people and resources with the specific intent that some type of learning will occur due to that connection. (source: …

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Free Guest Pass to LINC courses

The new LINC 2 courseware is popular with LINC 2 teachers!

LINC 2 courseware is now being used by teachers in the classroom.  If you have finished Stage 2 of the training and want to have the LINC 2 courseware set up for use with your students contact your mentor and they will get it set up for you.  To preview LINC 2 with guest access …

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