“An Adult Settlement Blended Language Training: Selected Annotated Bibliography.”

Tutela Online Resource:

An Adult Settlement Blended Language Training: Selected Annotated Bibliography.”

What are the pros and cons of blended learning? Are there practical ways to introduce technology to the classroom? What impact can Web 2.0 have on the language classroom? TESL professionals looking for research on blended language instruction in settlement programs have a convenient new online resource for professional development and research; The LearnIT2teach Project has just released “An Adult Settlement Blended Language Training: Selected Annotated Bibliography.” This Tutela online resource summarizes the contents of more than 100 articles from the research literature. The bibliography is divided into 16 sections ranging from Instructor Readiness to Learner Readiness and Learner Attitudes Toward Technology, all the way to Technology Tools.

Researchers Trudy Kennell and Maria Moriarty researched and wrote the bibliography and update it with new entries regularly. According to Trudy and Maria, “We were glad to have this opportunity. It gave us a chance to apply our separate backgrounds and depth of knowledge in the areas of language learning and blended learning. We were able to critically analyze some very useful research.”

Interesting surprises for the authors were the importance of digital technologies and the Internet in the lives of newcomers to Canada, and the role information technology plays in helping people stay connected to their home country while adapting and adjusting to life in Canada. Making their job a bit easier was, “The availability of such a wealth of material freely available – and just a couple of clicks away – educators, researchers, and scholars are so generous in sharing their thinking and their work.”



Did you know that there are 6 Types of Blended Learning?

Blended Learning is not so much an innovation as it is a natural by-product of the digital domain creeping into physical boundaries. As digital and social media become more and more prevalent in the life of learners, it was only a matter of time before learning became “blended” by necessity…. The following infographic takes a different approach to the concept, labeling it “Disruptive,” and even offering an interesting matrix. ….  read the article here

Survey reveals that CALL and IT skills play growing role in administrator hiring decisions

A March 2013 survey of Ontario LINC service providers on the role technology plays in their hiring practices indicates IT skills have a large and growing role in determining if a teacher gets hired. Administrators were asked on a scale of 1 – 10, what role does a teacher’s technology skills play in a decision to hire. The answers ranged from 5 to 9.5 and averaged 7.1.



LearnIT2teach Podcasts

LearnIt2teach podcastsWe have seventeen and counting original podcasts at our PodOmatic site.   These podcasts are focused on improving blended learning in language learning situations.


Some of the experts interviewed are:  Vance Stevens, Ken Beatty, Pascal St. Jean, Phil Hubbard, Greg Kessler, John Sivell, Deborah Healey, Carolyn Cohen, and Sharon Rajabi.

Learner Readiness

We have four new Learner Readiness courses available for instructors to use with their students.  Each course is LINC level appropriate and will help students and teachers become more familiar with all relevant aspects of the LINC courseware for blended instruction. Each course has five sections:

  • Getting Ready to Learn Online
  • Edlinc, The Basics
  • Reading, Writing and Listening Activities
  • Speaking Activities
  • What Now?

If you wish to start using this feature, email your mentor today!

New student support blocks

If you look at your edlinc course today, you will notice two new blocks.  These blocks are direct links to student support web spaces.  These should allow the students to have more independence when using the courseware as they can locate essential information on how to perform activities and basic tasks in the courses. If you wish to hide these from your students select the minimize icons in the top right corner of these blocks.

Preview the Courseware Basics block  and the How To… block.

Teachers want to reset or add LINC glossaries to your courses?

The LINC glossaries bank can be used by LINC courseware instructors to reset course glossaries, to add glossaries  or to merge glossaries on their courses.   To locate glossaries and add them to your course, go to the support document Glossary files.

Re-launch of The LearnIT2teach Project effective immediately.

Dear LINC Practitioner,

New Media Language Training is delighted to announce the re-launch of The LearnIT2teach Project effective immediately. Instructors will find that the learner courseware is once again available. Instructor trainees in any of the PD stages should be in touch with their mentors in order to resume their training.

During the next year, we will be delivering improvements and enhancements to the teacher training and the learner courseware. There is also exciting news for LINC professionals outside Ontario; CIC has contracted the team to
bring the learner courseware and teacher training to you through partnerships with regional LINC service provider organizations. Over the next few months we will be announcing more details so keep an eye here on the project portal.

Many thanks for your patience during our two month service interruption. We are delighted to be back up and running and we look forward to working with all of you to continue enhancing the use of online learning technology in
LINC and other CIC programs.

Rob McBride & Jim Edgar, Project Managers

New LINC 5, 6 & 7 Learning objects released!

Additional interactive learning objects are ready for download to support the LINC 5-7 Classroom Activities (Vol. 1 and 2). These resources complement Chapter 3, Interacting with Others, of the Classroom Activities.

Instructors with edlinc courses can easily add these to their existing courses.

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Professional Development

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