Curious about Courseware?

What is courseware?  More specifically, what is LINC courseware? I am starting Stage One of the LearnIt2Teach program and am hoping to use the LINC courseware with my students in the future.  I still have not seen a live sample of LINC courseware.

If you want to experience “basic” LINC courseware surf to, create an account and explore.  edulinc is an Open resource that also hosts many of the core LINC courseware elements.

Also, is enabled for mobile learning.  Click here for more information.

Stage 3 Digital Participant’s Manual Link

The Stage 3 participant’s manual now available at the Stage 3 course or from our portal.  Click on this image to download.

The manual is a PDF version of the all of the elements covered in the Stage Three course.  It is available for those who wish to print out the complete set of of instructions to be available as they progress through the Stage 3 course.

Edlinc Diaries session recorded

Edlinc Diaries sessions at TESL Ontario provided the instructor’s’ perspective on the LINC courseware and how they have adapted the LINC courseware for their LINC teaching purposes. The session was recorded thanks to TESL Ontario.  When it is released the link will be available here.


(From left to right, Pamela Manson, Ellen Chassé, Karen Shiller  and Kathleen Johnson)

Thank you!

Our team would like to thank the organisers of the annual TESL Ontario conference for the excellent conference.  We would also like to thank Citizenship and Immigration Canada for their continuing support.  As well we would like to thank all of the conference delegates who attended our sessions and engaged with us at our table and the informal get together late Thursday afternoon.   Your opinions, ideas and contributions are invaluable to the progress and success of this project!  We hope to steadily grow and improve our offerings to make your language teaching experience more efficient and effective.

LINC Administrator’s Survey

At the TESL Ontario conference, LINC Administrator’s were invited to complete a survey  to help our team integrate LINC administrator’s ideas and opinions into our LINC administrator manual and digital resources to be released in April of 2012.    This survey is now closed, thank you for your contribution.

Technology in Education Video

This video looks at technologies used in language training and how they have impacted an ESL teacher.  Check out the LearnIT2Teach YouTube Channel.

We’re available at TESL Ontario!

Questions about our training?

Issues about your progress?

Wondering what the point is?

Want to know how to get started?

Or, just want to catch up?

We are available throughout the conference at Table 49.

Come meet us at TESL Ontario!

This Thursday at 4-5 p.m. at the TESL Ontario Conference, we will be in Conference Room H.  This is an opportunity for us to reconnect or connect with instructors who are using LINC courseware or are in the LearnIt2Teach Stages. We are sure there will be lots of questions.  Click on the image to the right see a larger version of the poster.

TESL Ontario LearnIT2teach for LINC Administrators

This session provides relevant information to LINC and ESL program administrators about the CIC-sponsored LearnIT2teach project. The presentation highlights the administrative and instructional benefits of both the LINC courseware and the teacher training, and it explains resource and participant reporting within the learning management system.  Download the PowerPoint slides.

Conference code: TAN
Presenters:Jim Edgar, John Allan and Robert McBride
Category: Technology Presentation
Level: Adult ESL/LINC, ELT/SLT
Focus: Electronic Classroom/Technology
Audience: Administrators

Our sessions at TESL Ontario

Oct 27, 10:00-11:00 TAN LearnIT2teach for LINC Administrators
Oct 27, 13:00-15:00 TPEQ LearnIT2teach Stage 1 Instructor Training
Oct 28, 08:30-09:30 FAJ Edlinc Diaries
Oct 28, 10:00-12:00 FAWQ LearnIT2teach Stage 1 Instructor Training
Oct 28, 13:00-14:00 FPA LearnIT2teach Stage 3 Instructor Orientation
Oct 29, 13:00-01:00 SPH Edlinc Diaries