Edlinc Diaries: Demonstration of LINC Courseware

This demonstration of the LINC courseware, a free, online teaching resource available through the LearnIT2teach project at edlinc.ca, showcases how some instructors at Algonquin College have adapted it to their LINC classes. Enhanced communication among learners and the provision of dynamic content are two important benefits that will be explained. The presenters will also provide their own insights and experiences with the courseware and share some feedback from their students.

Conference code: FAJ, SPH
Presenters: Karen Shiller, Pamela Manson and Ellen Chassé – Algonquin College
Category: Technology Presentation
Level: Adult ESL/LINC, College/University,
ELT/SLT, Secondary
Focus: Classroom Activities and Strategies
Audience: Teachers with Experience

LearnIT2teach Stage 3 Instructor Training Orientation

This session provides direction, guidance and motivation for participants interested in completing the LearnIT2teach Stage 3 training, which enables participants to be course editors and to customize the LINC courseware for their own teaching contexts.

Conference code: FPA
Presenters: Jim Edgar, John Allan and Mary Ellen Gillespie – New Media Language Training
Category: Technology Presentation
Level: Adult ESL/LINC, ELT/SLT
Focus: Electronic Classroom/Technology
Audience: Teachers without Experience

e-learning materials support classroom learning

LearnIT2teach Podcast #3 This brief podcast features LearnIT2teach team member Mary Ellen Gillespie discussing some of the LINC 2 e-resources and how e-learning materials can support classroom learning. See more podcasts here.

Meet the Team

People drive and support this project through support, training, development, guidance and reflection. There is a group of experts with New Media Language Training see the complete team description. Our Advisory Committee, which is comprised of educational experts from across the province, provides support for the project with their extensive experience.

LearnIT2Teach launches Digital Newsletter

Hot off the digital press: Oct 15 issue of LearnIT2teach news!
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