Online training in integrating and managing blended learning

A LearnIT2teach invitation to CIC-funded language program administrators

Improving program outcomes and learner access through innovative learning technology is a goal of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Program administrators are key players in learning technology innovation but are challenged by software, hardware, human resource, planning and leadership questions. Edulinc Courseware provided free by CIC and the LearnIT2teach Project fills the need for CLB-referenced software but how does a program get up and running with blended learning? LearnIT2teach offers two part online training for CIC-funded program administrators. In Part One, administrators work together in a Moodle course with other administrators to understand blended learning, the Edulinc learner courseware and teacher training options.
Part Two also takes place in Moodle but at the participant’s own pace. Part Two provides information about program planning and innovation and the opportunity to be guided through planning your local integration of LINC blended learning. Each part takes about ten hours to earn a certificate. If you would like more information, or to register, please contact