PBLA eUnits/Modules on Avenue

The following PBLA-compatible modules are available on Avenue. Teachers can request any of these modules through their mentor and preview them in the PBLA Sample Modules course (available on their Dashboard).

Grocery Shopping (CLB 1L-2L)

Dealing with Emergencies (CLB 1L-2L)

Finding a Place to Live (CLB 1L-2L)

Numbers (CLB 1L-2)

Canadian Money (CLB 1L-2)

A Calendar (CLB 1L-2)

A Child’s Education (CLB 1L-2L) 

Saving Money When Shopping (CLB 1)

Back-to-School Shopping (CLB 1-2)

Work and Pay (CLB 1-2)

Personal Banking (CLB 1-2)

Insurance (CLB 1-2)

Finding a Place to Live (CLB 1-2)

Dealing with Emergencies (CLB 1-2)

A Child’s Education (CLB 1-2)

Safety at Work (CLB 1-2) 

Reporting a Lost/Stolen Bank Card (CLB 1-2) 

Canada: Provinces and Territories (CLB 2-4)


Canada: Population (CLB 3-4)

Work and Pay (CLB 3-4)

Internet and Phone Scams (CLB 3-4)

Online Banking (CLB 3-4)

Choosing a Bank Account  (CLB 3-4)

Dealing with Household Problems (CLB 3/4)

At the Walk-In Clinic (CLB 3-4)

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Bank / Credit Card (CLB 3-4)

Getting Around a City (CLB 3-4)

Shopping for Groceries (CLB 3-4)

Making Requests in the Workplace (CLB 3-4) 

Canada: Indigenous Peoples (CLB 3-5)

Canada: People and Diversity (CLB 3-5)

Taxes in Canada (CLB 3-5)

Online Shopping (CLB 3-5)

Avoiding Scams and Fraud (CLB 5-6)

Dealing with Issues in the Community (CLB 5-6)

Dealing with Common Health Issues (CLB 5-6)

Giving and Listening to Presentations (CLB 5-6)

Roles and Responsibilities in Workplace Meetings (CLB 5-6)

Giving and Receiving Advice (CLB 5-6)

Shopping Online (CLB 5-6)

Preparing to Attend a Workplace Event (CLB 5-6)

Participating in a Brainstorming and Problem-Solving Meeting (CLB 5-6)

Developing Academic and Research Skills (CLB 5-6) **new Sept. 2022

Workplace Culture (CLB 5+)

Workplace Laws and Policies (CLB 5+)

Instructions and Procedures at Work (CLB 5+)

Making Requests at Work (CLB 5+)

Participating in Meetings (CLB 5+)

Participating in Online Meetings (CLB 5+)

 Resolving Conflicts at Work (CLB 5+)

Reading Product and Service Reviews (CLB 5+)

Getting Information From Tables, Charts and Graphs (CLB 5+)

Reading News and Feature Articles  (CLB 5+)

Taking Notes While Reading (CLB 5+)

Taking Notes While Listening  (CLB 5+)

Asking For & Receiving Feedback in an Annual Performance Review (CLB 7-8)

Arranging a Workplace Event (CLB 7-8)

Participating in Workplace Meetings (CLB 7-8)

Job Interviews (CLB 7-8)

Understanding and Giving Presentations about Workplace Safety (CLB 7-8) **new Oct. 2022