New PBLA-compatible content available on Avenue

The Avenue team is pleased to announce the availability of new content for LINC programs using We recognize the value to teachers and learners of having up-to-date materials that are PBLA compatible. As a result, the development of new PBLA-compatible units and modules for Avenue is ongoing by the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks, the Toronto Catholic District School Board and New Language Solutions.. Twenty-eight new units and modules across all LINC levels are now available. They focus primarily on various aspects of financial literacy, workplace communication, Canada, and literacy support.

This new content is pre-installed all new courseware. For teachers who already have their courseware, these modules can be previewed in Avenue’s PBLA Sample Modules course.  If you’d like any of these modules added to your course, please let your mentor know. 

The following units were developed by the Toronto Catholic District School Board.

  • Numbers (CLB 1L-2)
  • Canadian Money (CLB 1L-2)
  • A Calendar (CLB 1L-2)
  • Saving Money When Shopping (CLB 1)
  • Personal Banking (CLB 1-2)
  • Insurance (CLB 1-2)
  • Back-to-School Shopping (CLB 1-2)
  • Work and Pay (CLB 1-2)
  • Canada: Provinces and Territories (CLB 2-4)
  • Canada: Population (CLB 3-4)
  • Canada: Indigenous Peoples (CLB 3-5)
  • Canada: People and Diversity (CLB 3-5)
  • Work and Pay (CLB 3-4)
  • Internet and Phone Scams (CLB 3-4)
  • Online Banking (CLB 3-4)
  • Choosing a Bank Account (CLB 3-4)
  • Taxes in Canada (CLB 3-5)
  • Online Shopping (CLB 3-5) 
  • Making Requests at Work (CLB 5+)
  • Instructions and Procedures at Work (CLB 5+)
  • Workplace Laws and Policies (CLB 5+)
  • Participating in Meetings (CLB 5+)
  • Resolving Conflicts at Work (CLB 5+)
  • Workplace Culture (CLB 5+)
  • Participating in Online Meetings (CLB 5+)

This unit was developed by a team at the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks.

  • Finding a Place to Live (CLB L1-CLB L2)

These modules were developed by the New Language Solutions team.

  • Participating in Workplace Meetings (CLB 7-8)
  • Job Interviews (CLB 7-8)