LearnIT2Teach Funding Extended to 2013

LearnIT2Teach Funding Extended to 2013

The Ontario Region of Citizenship and Immigration has extended funding for the LearnIT2teach project for two more years. New Media Language Training Inc. and CIC signed a new contract in April that enables us to continue delivering professional development and courseware for instructors and learners.

Our objective remains the same: to create, distribute and implement e-learning tools and the know-how to put them to work to enhance adult language and settlement language programs for adult immigrants across Ontario. The LearnIT2teach team will be delivering at least 20 face-to-face training events in this fiscal year and an additional 20 in 2012 – 13. As well, we will be developing and delivering a Stage Five of the training for service provider administrators.

There will be two important enhancements to the technology tools as well:

* LINC 2 learning objects will be developed during the current fiscal year

* Speaking activities will be developed, making our Moodle courseware a four-skill learning environment for learners.

Evaluation remains an essential part of what the team does as we aim to continuously improve on what we deliver to Ontario’s language training and settlement community.