Invitation to Participate

 Dear LINC Instructor or Administrator: 

The National LINC Online Curriculum (NLOC) project is pleased to invite you to test the online courseware units we have developed and hosted in to date. Below is the list of units available for perusal and testing starting January 2022. 

 Who can test the NLOC online units? 

LINC instructors who currently teach CLB 3 using 

What is in it for LINC instructors? 

An opportunity to 
• Save time in class preparation. 
• Teach using off-the-shelf, PBLA-aligned online LINC courseware units. 
• Contribute to the improvement of LINC courseware. 

What’s the commitment? 

The commitment involves 

  • Using at least one unit (about 4 hours of classroom time) in your LINC class. 
  • Completing a short online questionnaire per unit. 
  • Having your learners complete a short online questionnaire per unit. 
  • Attending a Zoom interview with the NLOC team. This interview is optional and you will receive an Amazon gift card as a token of appreciation for your participation. 

How can I request NLOC online units? 

1. Login into after December 1st and click the “National LINC Online Curriculum (NLOC) eUnit Preview” course link on your Dashboard or Teacher Home pages. 
2. Peruse the units available and decide which one(s) you would like to add and use in your CLB 3 LINC class.
3. Complete the registration form included in the course. Upon completion of the form, we will request to add the selected units to your course(s).

Can I take a peek and decide later? 

Yes, of course you can! All LINC teachers on Avenue will be subscribed to the “National LINC Online Curriculum (NLOC) eUnit Preview” course containing the units available for testing. 

How can I get more details about these online courseware units? 

  • If you would like to be kept informed of project progress, you can sign up to receive quarterly email updates. 
  • I’m also available to discuss any questions you may have. Please feel to contact me by email at

Thank you for helping us to create high-quality PBLA-aligned online LINC courseware. 


Arcelia Camacho, PMP, Cert. APM
Project Manager, National LINC Online Curriculum 

Achēv 90 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Suite 408
Mississauga, ON L5B 3C3
P: 905-949-0049 ext. 1401 |
C: 416-577-8233
E: | W: 

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