Important 2014 Dates for Ontario-based LINC instructors Using


      • June to August: A courseware migration service is available for Ontario LINC instructors moving their course(s) from to Please complete thisform to request this service.

      • June to December: The Courseware Basics for Moodle 2 course is available to Ontario-based LINC instructors who began the LearnIT2teach training BEFORE January 2014. Contact your mentor for more information. Completion of this 3-hour course is required for instructors changing from to

      • September 1: Training launched in 2010 for will be suspended. All training will support the updated courseware at and will be hosted at

      • September 1: All Ontario-based instructors should be using the LINC courseware at

      • September to December: Classes in progress (from August) can continue at, but neither new courses nor new students accounts will be set up. New courses will be set up at will only be available to migrate course information and finish in-progress courses.

      • December 31: will be permanently offline; all courseware will be available at