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Moodle 3.1 Stage 3

Support for Stage 3 of Moodle 3.1

Course Management

01 Using Reports
02 Viewing Details about Course Participants
03 Setting up and Using Completion Tracking
04 Setting up and Using Conditional Release
05 Organizing Learner Using Groups
06 Adding and Removing Learner Accounts
07 Setting up and Using Course Badges
08 Managing Badges and Awarding Badges Manually

Enhancing Course Interactivity and Content with Blocks

01 Overview of Blocks
02 Random Glossary Entry Block
03 Message Block
04 Comments Block
05 Remote RRS Feeds Block
06 HTML Block
07 Level Up

Blended Learning by Adding Resources

01 File module -­ Linking to a File
02 Folder module – Sharing a Directory of Course Files
03 URL module – Inserting a Link to a Web Resource
04 Page module – Composing a Web Page
05 Label module – Creating a Label (with Audio)

Creating New Learning Activities

Blended Learning Development: Activity Guide 1

01 Adding a Choice Activity
02 Adding a PoodLL Assignment
03 Adding a Glossary Activity
04 Adding a Wiki Activity
05 Adding a Forum Activity
06 Adding a Questionnaire Activity
07 Adding a Blog Task (using the Page module)
08 Adding a Skype Synchronous Speaking Task

Blended Learning Development: Activity Guide 2

01. Adding a Chat Activity
02. Adding a Quiz
03. Adding a Game
04. Adding a Hot Potatoes Activity
05. BigBlueButton Session Tips
06. Adding a BigBlueButton Activity
07. BigBlueButton Session Facilitation
8. Giving Action-Oriented Feedback in a Quiz
9. Adding a Realtime Quiz
10. Adding an assignment.
11. Adding Audio to an Assignment Description
12. Adding Video to an Assignment Description
13. Assignment Rubrics
14. Set up an Assignment Rubric – From Scratch
15. Editing a Rubric
16. Marking Assignment Submissions
17. Marking the Assignment Using a Rubric
18. PoodLL Overview for Teachers
19. Annotating an Assignment Submission

Utilizing the SCORM Content at

01. Browsing by topic for SCORM
02. Using Advanced search for SCORM
03-Previewing SCORM on Tutela
04-Downloading a SCORM from Tutela
05-Rating and commenting on a SCORM on Tutela
06. Adding a SCORM to Edulinc Courseware