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Glossary of Terms

digital glossary

Authoring software
a type of computer program that allows teachers to create their own web content, such as interactive ESL exercises

weblog or online journal

CALL (acronym)
computer-assisted language learning

Course (Moodle)
A Moodle course is a collection of learning opportunities in a virtual classroom that can be used to deliver a self-contained course or a collection of supplementary materials

software that is used to support formal language learning

Creative Commons
a system of copyright licensing that allows content creators to share their work using a flexible range of protections and freedoms

Hot Potatoes
a suite of authoring tools for creating interactive quizzes for language learners

Hybrid learning
a merger of face-to-face and computer-based learning

IMS Common Cartridge
IMS Common Cartridge is set of open standards from the IMS Global Learning Consortium that is used to create and share educational digital content (or learning objects). The IMS Common Cartridge specifications are modular, interactive and are compatible with many different learning management systems.

Internet Tools
Web 2.0 tools like blogs and wikis, social networking tools, and open-source learning management systems like Moodle

a scripting language used to make web pages more interactive

Learning management system (LMS)
a virtual classroom that is used for developing and delivering online learning

Learning object
a collection of digital content items, (e.g. an image, interactive quizzes, text, video, audio, etc.) that are combined into one unit and are based on a single learning objective

learning management system; a virtual classroom that is used for developing and delivering online learning meta tag a meta tag is information about a (web) resource that is hidden in the programming code and used by Internet search engines during keyword searches

an open-source learning management system that is used to deliver online learning to Ontario LINC programs

project-based learning; also problem-based learning repository a searchable website that stores collections of digital materials