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Avenue Stage 2 Support

01 Getting Started

Deploying the courseware
01 Showing and Hiding a Course Avenue
02 Turning Course Editing on and off_Avenue
03 Editing Icons Avenue
04 Showing and Hiding Course Content_Avenue
05 Viewing a Course as a Student Avenue
06 Posting in the Announcements_Avenue
07 Introducing the Courseware Help Block_Avenue
08 Using the Attendance Register
09 Registering and Enrolling Students on Avenue

02 Course Management

00-Stage 2 Course Management Videos
01-Blocks Management_Avenue
02-Course Settings_Avenue
03-Calendar Management_Avenue
04-Gradebook Basics_Avenue
05-File Handling_Avenue2020
06-Participants Link - Messaging_Avenue
07 Messsaging Drawer.pdf
08-Upcoming Events Block_Avenue

03 Managing Learning Activities

01 Managing a Choice_Avenue
02 Managing a SCORM activity
03 Managing Blogs on Avenue
04 Managing Forums on Avenue
05 Managing Glossaries on Avenue
06 Managing Questionnaires on Avenue
07 Managing BBB Tasks on Avenue
08-Managing Wikis Avenue

04 Customizing and Creating Content

01 Adding a Page with Contact Info
02 Adding a Course Outline
03-Creating a Needs Assessment Choice
04 Label Management
05 Linking to a website

05 Making Tutela a Part of Blended Course Delivery

01 Registering at Tutela
02 Using the Advanced Search on Tutela
03 Browsing the Tutela Collection
04 Joining Groups in Tutela
05 Navigating Groups in Tutela

06 Ending a Courseware Delivery Cycle

01 Resetting a Course on Avenue
02 Backing up and Restoring a Course on Avenue