, An Informal Language Training Platform in Development

In early 2023, the Avenue – LearnIT2teach Project began development of an informal language training online platform for newcomers to Canada. The platform will begin piloting in September 2023. Conceptual work on this initiative had been ongoing for some years prior. The site will provide self-access resources for a variety of learners: prospective immigrants still in ‘pre-arrival’ mode, newcomers on waiting lists for LINC seats, or currently in LINC but wanting additional language learning resources, and newcomers who have completed their formal ESL eligibility but want to continue the development of their English fluency and Canadian cultural skills.

The course encourages and prepares learners to learn independently. The pilot tests a number of relevant methodologies especially Extensive and Intensive Reading or Listening. The pilot platform will provide resources on citizenship preparation, pronunciation, Aboriginal voices and other representation from Canada’s diverse cultures.

For settlement language training educators, the site will be an option for assigning work beyond the formal classroom, and for learners, the site will provide orientation and bridges to formal language training such as LINC.

The Avenue team is pursuing partnerships with front-line agencies to encourage learner referrals. If you’d like more information, please email .

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