An IRCC Contract Amendment for LearnIT2teach

The LearnIT2teach Project has an expanded mandate to support e-learning in the IRCC-funded sector.

New Language Solutions is pleased to announce an amendment signed in January to our agreement with IRCC. This agreement enables the LearnIT2teach Project to move ahead with the development of an augmented Moodle learning management system solution for teachers and learners. Enhancements to be rolled out by the end of March 2020 include:

  • An electronic portfolio solution in Moodle;
  • Single sign in to both EduLINC and Tutela, creating close integration with Tutela and the learning resources available there;
  • Enabling of online distance training in addition to blended;
  • A Moodle LMS for Clic, the French equivalent of LINC.

No worries about losing access to what we have been providing LINC professionals for nine years now. The LearnIT2teach team will continue to:

  • Provide Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 of teacher training through a coast-to-coast network of expert mentors and regional partners;
  • Partner with TESL Ontario to support PTCT accreditation for Ontario TESL teachers who’ve completed Stages 3 and 4 of the teacher training;
  • Create and distribute informal professional development through the Live Help chat option, twitter feed, articles and podcasts on our project portal and Tutela webinars;
  • Provide online training in Learning Technology Innovation Leadership to sector managers and aspiring lead teachers;
  •  Apply a strategy for continuous improvement of all our tools and services through evaluation of all we do.