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_MG_9504Rob McBride

M.Ed. Distance Education, Honour’s Bachelor of Journalism
Project Manager, Administration/ Evaluation/ Communications

Rob has worked as a teacher, researcher, writer and producer, principally in the settlement language training and adult literacy basic skills sectors. Rob works on projects where building basic knowledge and skills has the maximum positive impact on the work and personal lives of learners. Rob began teaching ESL in Ontario back when “Welcome to Canadian English” (Carson- Martin) was just about the only Canadian textbook available. He has worked on many technology-based learning projects including “Fast Forward” (a 2007 report with recommendations for CIC on the development of online language & settlement training), “Explore Canada” (a CD-ROM history & geography of Canada in easy English & French), and multiple ESL broadcast and video projects.

Jim Edgar

Project Manager, Distributed Learning/ Training

Master of Education Technology, CTESL, BA, Grad. Cert. Online Education, Dip Adult Education

Jim has been training and supporting teachers in the use of technology since the mid-1990s. He has been an educator in Nunavut, the Northwest Territories, the United Arab Emirates and Ottawa, where he currently lives. From kamotiks to camels, extreme cold to extreme heat, and pen and paper to interactive whiteboards, Jim has taught in face-to-face, blended and online environments. He has designed, developed, and led curriculum projects in ESL, EAP, ESP and ELT in tertiary education and in settlement language training. Jim draws upon these experiences to help teachers implement learning technologies into their course delivery.

Kevin O’Brien

Web Manager/ Training & Development Specialist

B.Ed. OCT., Dip. Adult Education, TESL Part I

Kevin has been an active elementary, secondary and adult educator for over 40 years. At one time or another, he has taught Adult Literacy and ESL (including LINC). He has had a variety of positions including classroom teacher, curriculum courseware developer, teacher trainer and project coordinator. He also holds the following Ontario Ministry of Education additional qualifications: TESL, Computers in the Classroom, Special Education, and Science in the classroom. Kevin has worked with technology since the early 80’s and has written educational software as well as training teachers to use technology in their classrooms. He has presented multiple times at TESL Ontario and other affiliates and LINC PD days.


Maatihas2010Matthias Sturm

Lead Evaluator / Researcher / Writer

B. A., M.A. (Maîtrise en formation à distance)

Matthias works toward a PhD in the Languages, Cultures, and Literacies program at Simon Fraser University. For many years, he has supported service providers in adult basic education in their efforts to build program capacity through the use of digital technology. Matthias has much experience with learning and teaching in blended learning environments, and he has worked as a researcher, writer, and evaluator on a number of technology-based literacy and language learning projects.

Mavis Spencer

Certificates / Database Coordinator

A graduate of the Algonquin College TESL program, Mavis taught ESL/LINC in Canada, Mexico and Italy for over twenty years. Returning to Ottawa after some years abroad she acted as Project Coordinator during the development of the LINC 1-4 Classroom Activities and as Coordinator of the full-time Algonquin College LINC program (a champion SPO in the use of blended learning). Mavis has worked with the LearnIT2teach Project since 2010. After retiring from the college in January 2016 she is happily spending more time with her family.

Nancy_2015_Nancy Van Dorp

Senior Trainer / Online Mentor/ Developer

M.Ed. (Distance Education), B.A. (English), B.Ed. (Adult Education), CTDP,  OCELT,  PTCT Instructor

Nancy is a Canadian educator who is a Senior Trainer, Developer and Online Mentor on the project. She has also taught culture and technology courses at Sheridan College for more than 10 years. Nancy has worked in various capacities in a business environment and has been a LINC Home Study instructor and an SLT instructor for ESL in the Workplace. She is enchanted by EdTech possibilities for learning and is passionate about academic integrity.

Sepideh Alavi

Content Developer/ Trainer / Online Mentor

BA, MA, PhD of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, OCELT, TESL Ontario Accredited Trainer/PTCT Instructor, Certified CLB English Language Assessor

Sepideh has been an ESL/EFL instructor and university lecturer since 1992. She has taught in a variety of contexts ranging form private schools to colleges and universities in Iran and Canada. She has extensive experience with adult language education and is passionate about using technology to enhance language learning.   

John Allan

Trainer/ Online Mentor/ Developer

John has been working with education technology and language education since 1990.  He has been a part of the LearnIT2teach team in a variety of capacities as required.

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Jen Artan

Online Mentor / Content Developer


Jen Artan is a Continuing Education Instructor/Lead with the Thames Valley District School Board, and Materials Developer with LearnIT2Teach. A certified Google Educator (Level 2), TESL Ontario Webinar Manager and Video Editor, TESL London Communications Chair, and a recent Masters of Education graduate from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Jen likes to keep current on educational technology for adult learners.

Marjan Bateni 

Trainer/ Online Mentor/ Content Developer

M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language, Post TESL Certificate in Developing e-Materials for Language Training 

Marjan is an ESL instructor, a Language Assessor, a Presenter, a LearnIT2Teach Mentor, and an Online Content Developer. With a background in development with Paragon Testing Enterprises, Marjan specializes in assessment and the Canadian Language Benchmarks.

Margarita_BerezyanskayaMargarita Berezyanskaya

Trainer / Online Mentor

Margarita has a Master’s degree in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics and is a TESL Canada Professional Certificate Standard Three holder. As the Learner Services Coordinator at English Online Inc., she focuses on growing the unique brand of quality online services for newcomers and oversees the delivery of the LINC Home Study program in Manitoba.

Paul_CarterPaul Carter

Trainer / Online Mentor / Content Developer

BA, CTESL, Moodle Course Creator Certificate, Office Skills and Technology Certificate

Paul has been working in the Settlement Language Training sector for over ten years. He has been working with newcomers to British Columbia since 2006 as an EAL Instructor and Online Resource Developer. Working with Moodle at ISSofBC led Paul to the LearnIT2Teach program and a mentorship with Jim Edgar that has forever changed his life. Working remotely from the Southern Gulf Islands in BC, Paul now has online students and teacher trainees from the Yukon to Manitoba, and he still finds time to write and direct for his Drama Club for Kids and the local Community Theatre Company. That said, closest to his heart are his musical pursuits and spending time with his two beautiful daughters.

Sean Cavicchi, Mentor

B.Ed. and B.A. degrees,  OCELT 

Sean is an EAL Instructor with Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia, ISANS.  Since getting his feet wet in South Korea, he has been teaching a wide range of learners over 15-plus years for-profit language schools, the public school system and most recently at ISANS.  He is currently a mentor for a growing staff of EduLINC users in his home province and is excited by the continued integration of EduLINC online and blended settlement language training in ISANS’ courses!

Marijke GeurtsMarijke Geurts

Trainer / Online Mentor

M.A. in Education, Language & Literature, ESL certification in New Brunswick.

 Marijke is a LINC Instructor and Employment Language Trainer with Newcomer Connections and jumped at the opportunity to incorporate Edulinc in all aspects of her work. She feels it is wonderful to create online activities and share her experience as a Learn IT2Teach Trainer. She enjoys a challenge, which would include her kids, vegetable garden and learning to sew.


Chayan.2jpgChayan Mallick

Trainer / Online Mentor

Chayan obtained her M.A. in Applied Linguistics from Bangladesh and the United Kingdom along with CELTA. She is also certified in TESL Ontario, and is a LearnIT2Teach Trainer. Chayan has 15 years of teaching experience in several universities, schools and language schools in home and abroad, she is currently teaching at SaskPolytech as a LINC Instructor. She is passionate about teaching and enjoys her time immensely in class. Outside the classroom, she likes spending time with her family, reading murder mysteries, and watching movies.

Pamela_PhotoPamela Manson

Trainer / Online Mentor

Pamela Manson completed her TESL certification at Algonquin College in Ottawa. Her BMath in Computer Science contributes to her confidence in using blended learning. She has completed the Stage 4 LearnIT2teach training, developing her own Courseware activities. She teaches in the LINC program at Algonquin College, and mentors teachers there and elsewhere as they go through the LearnIT2teach training.

Bonnie Nicholas

Trainer/ Online Mentor

M. Ed. in TESL, certificates in blended and online learning, and instructional design. 

Bonnie teaches in the LINC program at NorQuest College, where she has taught blended, online, and face-to-face classes. Her interests include continuing professional development, digital citizenship, and integrating language teaching and learning with digital technology. You can learn more about Bonnie on her teaching portfolio


Bonnie Sibley

Online Mentor

B.A. in Language and Cultural Studies, Grad Certif. Online Teaching and Learning, TESL, TEFL, PIDP

Bonnie’s love of travel and interest in different cultures ignited a spark that led her on a new career path into the LINC classroom where she has been for 15+ years. Bonnie is passionate about bringing technology into the classroom to transform the learning experience.

Mark Taylor

Graphic Designer

Mark is the owner of Friction Creative, a graphics support firm for marketing and communications professionals, where he has been at work for more than thirty years. Mark started out as an illustrator, went on to become a print designer, and now also designs for motion graphics and the web.

Martha Urquhart

Online Mentor

B. Ed., majoring in Linguistics, and a C.A.C.E. from the University of Victoria, M.A. Learning and Technology. 

Bonnie has taught ESL in rural, northern programs, non-profit programs, and formalized LINC programs. In her free time, she is walking The Great Trail in Alberta. 


cameronyoung-webCameron Young

Online Mentor

Cameron started his career with Bow Valley College 27 years ago and has witnessed the growth and changes in online learning firsthand. During that time he has been involved in teaching, training, materials creation and system administration. Living beside the Bow River, there is nothing he enjoys better than fly fishing on a summer afternoon.

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