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LearnIT2teach Publications

The LearnIT2teach Administrator’s Manual: Integrating and Managing Blended Learning (Moodle 2 Edition). adminman


Twelves chapters to guide managers in implementing blended learning and learning technology innovation. Also, this is the text for our online training for administrators and lead teachers.



Narrative and Evaluation Report: Blended Learning Innovation for IRCC Settlement Language Trainingevalreport

Project evaluation is part of every aspect of the project. This 85-page report summarizes what we’ve learned about learning innovation in the sector since 2013.




Adult Settlement Blended Language Learning: Selected Annotated Bibliography

annotatedbib Updated in 2016 and now offered as an online resource, the bibliography provides summaries of key research into the application of learning technology and modernized approaches in the settlement language training sector.




LearnIT2teach Project Brochure:

LIT2TbrochureA four-page guide to the blended learning courseware and teacher training the project provides to IRCC-funded settlement language training professionals.